Rev. Childress

Simply put, Rev. Scott Childress is charming, intelligent and so full of joy that it is impossible to not get caught up in whatever he is talking about. He retains so much and is able to weave things together while he responds in ways that let you know that he isn’t just hearing what you are saying, he is listening. He is a loving and devoted husband with a baby daughter that is clearly the love of his life. He supports marriage equality, he is very detail-oriented and committed to making sure every couple has the best service he can possibly offer.

He does not ever feel pushy about his faith. If you would like to talk with him about it, he is clear, but when you meet him, it isn’t like meeting a preacher, it is like meeting a new friend.

He studied Religion at Liberty University and was Senior Pastor of a Bible Church in Virginia. He is happy to perform services that are secular (non-religious), faith-based, and even interfaith.


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