Our Story

Rev. Steven T. Fricke founded A Day Made For Us quite by accident. His ministry was not in weddings, but he was asked by his daughter to perform her wedding ceremony. How do you say no to that special request? You don’t! He soon started receiving requests from people who knew how well he did at that first ceremony. It was then that he realized he might have found his calling in life. He found his passion was not opening a book and asking people to choose a ceremony and then reading the lines on their big day, it was about crafting every service for every couple. His creativity flowed and his talents came to center stage when he realized he could get to know his couples personally. He learned what made them who they are today, and what is making them the couple they will grow to be in the future. He could then script a service that would not only speak to them, but also to their guests who know the couple better than the rest of the world. What better way to seal a commitment of love than by speaking their language. His personal pastoral counsel of couples led to him becoming a certified premarital counselor. His premarital counseling helps couples develop a foundation for their marriage. Rev. Fricke has been active for almost a decade. He established A Day Made for Us as a company in 2015 and he shows no signs of slowing down. As of 2017 he added Planning and Coordination to the company’s offerings. Rev. Fricke sincerely makes a friend everywhere he goes and he is ready to get to know you. He is ready to script A Day Made For YOU!
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