Premarital Counseling

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I am a fully certified Premarital Counselor, approved by the State of Texas.


I am fully certified by the State of Texas to perform premarital counseling. This includes te Twogether in Texas certification. This State of Texas certificate will allow you to reduce the cost of your marriage license. That said, there are so many more reasons to get premarital counseling through me than that.

I have 3 primary objectives in my counseling. I help the couple make sure they have a strong foundation to build on to navigate the stresses in today's marriages. Married life today is not the same as it was for your parents. I help the couple understand how to relate to each other in love. While that seems simple, and since you are getting married, clearly you have that firing on all cylinders. I am sure you do right now. I give you tools to help you build on that love. Regardless what you may hear, love does not have to fade. Lastly I help you with conflict resolution. This is critical to the success of every relationship, and in a marriage, it is as important as the love you feel.

As a basis, I use the 5 Love Languages. This helps people learn how they express love, and how they need love to be expressed to them. Most couples are not the same. It is easy to think you both speak the same language, but in reality, chances are good that you don't. You may very well be speaking each other's love languages already, and don't even know it.

In addition to 5 love languages, there is also base methods for resolving conflict. Each have merit, and each should be used. However, when the wrong method is applied to the wrong situation or at the wrong time, results can be a disaster. I help you learn how to use the tools you have used all your life, put them in perspective and apply them well. After all, every couple has issues. The trick is to not let those issues get away from you.

In the end you will have a foundation that will help guide you through your marriage. Getting premarital counseling doesn't guarantee that life will be perfect, but it will give you the tools you need to make it work. A successful marriage takes work on both sides. The point is to make the work effective and loving. You are in this forever, so a little guidance from a trained professional is never a bad thing.

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