Rev. Fricke


Rev. Steven T. Fricke is the Owner, Sr. Officiant, and Counselor for A Day Made for Us. His core belief is that every couple is unique and deserves to be celebrated. This is the belief that drives him each and every day. He is proud to say that he has worked with couples from virtually every walk of life.

Steven’s sense of humor and open demeanor draws people in, and holds them. He loves without condition and has never met a stranger. He considers this company to be a reflection of his belief that regardless of where we are in life, we have value, are worthy of love and respect. One of his strongest assets is his compassion. He approaches each day with an outlook that we have another chance to get it right. We often fall way short, but tomorrow we get yet another chance.

Since his children are now grown, he has the time to dedicate to couples, and in turn works hard and makes time to play hard. When he isn’t at a ceremony on the weekends, you can almost always find him with his grandchildren, who are the light of his life.

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