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I am an ordained minister, and have full credentials to officiate weddings in the State of Texas

I perform virtually every type wedding imaginable, and  I am completely flexible to meet the faith/secular needs, the theme, colors and wedding 03bbudgetary needs of the couple. I make no moral, religious or value standard for the couple. Whether it is your first, or you have been married before doesn't matter. Personal perspective of faith doesn't matter. Gender doesn't matter. Age doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are in love and can legally marry in the state of Texas. In fact, I am among the few that is authorized by the State of Texas to perform weddings in prisons. I have performed dual faith weddings, same sex weddings, themed weddings and jail weddings. My ministry is one of service. I am here to serve others and make your day truly amazing.

I love being a part of such a joyful day. Second only to the birth of a child, the wedding of two people is the happiest, fulfilling and rewarding day that we experience.

I won't nickel and dime you. If you want a Unity Sand ceremony, that should not cost you extra. I don't just make adjustments for you. I craft the wedding to being exactly what you want, and in the style you want. I will meet with you and cover every detail. Once the service is written, I will continue to work with you to make sure that every word is a perfect reflection of who you are as a couple. I will help you work on your vows if you like. No point of your service will be ignored. I mean it when I say every single word will meet your approval.

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